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Be Careful with Social

Posted on: March 7th, 2013
Social media: everyone's talking about it, and nearly everyone is using it. Many would even argue that it has transformed business into a new age, wrought with a younger, more advanced generation of buyers. However, with such a vast database of digital content at their disposal, the "new" generation has evolved a fondness for free digital content, rather than anything with a sliver of quality. It's less than a reach to say social media had put a damper on today's advertisement quality.Yes, there...
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18-32 is where it

Posted on: May 9th, 2012
The thing about current advertising is... everyone is trying to go after the same target audience.  18 to around 32, that's who you want to reach because they're the people that are driving the purchase decisions, not for just themselves, but older demographics as well.  When you're talking about technology or anything new and innovative, the older generation is looking to Gen X and Y to tell them what is relevant.  It may take the older demographics a bit longer to adopt, but the...
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