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Is there a Formula for Creating Online Viral Content?

Posted on: June 11th, 2012

When thinking of viral content, Youtube videos flash through my mind, as well as other random videos and blogs shared throughout the online land.  But what makes these videos spread virally to receive thousands or millions of hits?  There are a few gurus out there who claim to have a formula to produce this viral content.  But my question is, if there was a simple formula for everyone to follow to create a buzz about their video, post, blog, etc, wouldn’t the new standard of views or likes be thousands to millions of hits?  The answer is yes, but no matter how closely one adheres to a "viral content creation formula," there is never a guarantee that the content will catch fire.

Some claim to know the secret formula.  I, however, feel there is not a secret formula, but rather, only tips to fuel the chances of increased shares.  These tips include:


    1. Create an unexpected, unique masterpiece.  When people try to write or make a video by following a structured formula to make it “go viral,” it will more than likely be lost in the abyss of Internet content.  If you edit your voice to try and appeal to everyone, authenticity is stripped, and the content may likely transpire into an impersonal, generic piece of crap that no one cares about.  Instead, focus on creating something with artistic, relatable, and personal qualities to gain recognition.


    1. Create a blog, post, or video that is integrated well (easily sharable).  When someone sees something interesting, they may find it intriguing and even bookmark the page, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to share it.  But on Facebook, liking and sharing is the most common thing to do.  Why?  Because it’s easy, fun, and personal.  So, making sure there’s a set plan for the different sources of traffic and finding an easy way for people to share the content is extremely valuable.


    1. Consider getting help from an established and recognized business or name. Take a moment to remember Sprite.  Their sales were falling, and they used Michael Jordan to promote the drink, and Spite became popular again.  If a business, name, or company, has already reached critical mass, the chances of the new content becoming viral becomes higher automatically.


All in all, creative brilliance and easily sharable content mixed with help from an established name will help increase your chances of going viral but not guarantee it.  Whether it’s business or personal content, it needs to be profound enough to create the emotion and motivation in people in order for the content to be passed along to others.

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