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eCommerce or Bust - Featuring: Paragon Stairs

Posted on: November 9th, 2014

Digital marketing is taking over traditional channels by leaps and bounds, and late adopter CMOs and marketing departments should be nervous. In a Feb 2014 article in Forbes magazine, author Gary Drenik warned that for brick and mortar shops, 2014 would be the year of reckoning. Many brick and mortar sellers, even the behemoths, have let denial cloud their thinking, choosing to ignore, downplay, or even cover up the impact of ecommerce. But denial is not a solution to a growing problem - in fact, it is the first stage of grief. If retailers want to avoid moving through all five stages, being left with nothing but acceptance of their loss, they need to adapt proactively to new consumer behavior.

One of our clients is proactively embracing these trends, and they sell a product that doesn't immediately scream ecommerce. Their brand is Paragon Stairs. They sell affordable spiral stair cases, which are large, made of metal, and aren't cheap to ship. However, shipping direct to consumer versus the margin added by shipping to distribution centers and then again shipping to end location brick and mortar shops, creates a lower total cost for their end customer.

Not only have they embraced ecommerce as a cost savings for their customers, they use their ecommerce site as a tool for their sales reps, who screenshare with customers and walk them through different product configurations and design options. They are an extremely forward-thinking company. To help Paragon move their ecommerce and digital marketing efforts to the next level, JCM facilitated a fully responsive website redesign on the Magento platform and added some new functionality to even further support their sales and marketing efforts.

See more about their project and a link to their website here.