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Latest Release: Ryde Media iPad App for Local Ads

Posted on: October 3rd, 2015

Ryde Media, a startup ad tech company, is set to launch in Ann Arbor as we finalize our process for private network app deployment to iOS devices.

Ryde Media provides a platform for local businesses to advertise to passengers in Uber cars on iPad kiosks. Businesses can pay to display their ads throughout all of Ann Arbor, in certain zip codes based on the passengers’ destination, or on certain days of the week. Ryde Media will also offer a limited amount of free advertising for local non-profits that benefit the community and hopes to team up with the Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and the University of Michigan to inform passengers of upcoming local events.

Rideshare drivers for companies such as Uber and Lyft are developing ways to increase their earnings while driving such as selling items in their vehicles or promoting their own businesses. These drivers have been labeled by some as “Uberpreneurs.”

Tim VanDongen is one of those people. He founded Ryde Media earlier this year. The concept gained ground after he parted ways as general manager of a franchise in Ann Arbor in February 2015 and started driving for Uber full time. His decision to move in the entrepreneurial direction was a risk in some ways, but the future already looks bright for this startup.

“My skills were not being utilized in the industry I was in. Managing my own startup business has its risks, but it will certainly have its rewards.”

Ryde Media is set to launch with an offer for businesses to advertise for free with their first purchase of impressions. Ryde Media will start out only advertising for small businesses and non-profits that serve the Ann Arbor region. The technology is destination based, meaning it determines what content to display based on where the vehicle is taking the passenger. Ryde Media plans for steady expansion, region by region throughout Michigan and beyond.

Ryde Media will compensate the rideshare drivers who agree to display the kiosks in their vehicles. Drivers are already signing on to increase their earnings. The business has all the final pieces in place including already signing on advertising clients who are looking forward to Ryde Media driving customers to their doors.

For more information on Ryde Media, including media inquiries, how to advertise, and becoming a driving partner or investor, email Tim VanDongen at or call 618-975-2477. You can also visit the website at

Find Ryde Media on and Twitter: @rydekiosk.