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We bring digital full circle, bringing human interaction back into an age where people are too comfortable hiding behind a screen.



The objective of this initial task is to assist you in defining the business requirements for the project objectives. The process will establish a strong foundation for the project and give JCM Media Group the opportunity to make carefully considered recommendations concerning the depth and scope of the initiatives.



During this phase we take the information gathered during Discovery and then research the market further to eventually create a concept, theme and color scheme that will lead into the design phase.



The design phase starts with wireframing and/or storyboarding to determine site navigation and content layout. Then multiple compositions are created for a homepage design. Going back and forth with the client, we determine the best design direction for the homepage and then begin building interior pages to match the look and feel.


Front-End dev

This phase is where a design starts to become a website through front-end development including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This section also includes content writing, photo selection, further keyword analysis, and on-page search engine optimization.


back-End dev

This is the phase where higher level functionality gets added to the site including adding the CMS, contact forms, software integrations, ecommerce applications, social media integrations (if more advanced than just linking to a social media page), and more, depending on the functionalities the project dictates.


Testing and QA

While testing and QA is doing at each stage of the development cycle, the final testing and quality assurance of the site and its functionality is the most rigorous. Each member of our team tests different aspects of the website to ensure maximum effectiveness and usability. Many times, a client likes to be involved in this process as well.



This is the easiest, yet most satisfying, part of the process. After everything is tested and client-approved, we put it on the internet either by hosting it internally or installing the project on a client-preferred hosting solution.

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