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Our Development Philosophy "Stay ahead of tech trends without disrupting users or business processes"

Our software development process revolves around "connectivity," a simple concept with far-reaching implications. We strive for connectivity not just with data, but also with user interaction and experiences. Perfected applications cause connectivity to happen from every single byte of data in the master database all the way up to the feelings people experience when using the interface.

Many large businesses are struggling with how to delve into the world of mobile applications. Usually, the biggest hurdle is because of legacy data systems that would be too cost and time prohibative to change. We have mastered our process to solve that issue. By creating an application management suite of tools, we can effectively work with legacy data systems and help them advance their capabilities to effect next generation connectivity.

Native iOS. Native Android. Hybrid Applications. Mobile Web. Mobile Commerce. PCI DSS-Compliant Development. Data Systems Architecture. Efficient and Snappy UX. Drop Dead Gorgeous UI. Solution Focused Engineering.Long story short, we have you covered.

iOS and Xcode

We stay on top of Apple’s iOS version releases and effect our code to maintain stability and user friendliness. We'll admit it... we are Apple fanboys.

Android Development

With Android, the key to development is to be mindful of device differences. There are many different brands and sizes of Android phones, designing apps to work across all devices is paramount.

Hybrid Applications

With expertise in Titanium, Unity, Cordova, and Salesforce1, JCM can help you determine your most efficient development methodology.

Data Connectivity

Our team has worked with thousands of API's and SDK's over the years, creating robust data engineering models to ensure precious business information is never lost.


When it comes to marketing applications, we like to make the users' interaction with the marketing message feel more like "play" than advertising.

Mobile Commerce

We have successfully turned some of the most thoroughly developed web ecommerce platforms into native mobile applications across many different devices and sizes.

UX and Interface

In short, we know how users act. Not because we're mind readers, but because we physically sit down when them and rigorously focus group test our software.

Predictive Analysis

In both our UX/UI process, as well as our software development process, we use big data analysis to predict emerging trends and preempt their implications.

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Applications That Scale

We develop large applications with a layered approach, leaving the legacy data system at the bottom, relatively untouched by the rest of the application architecture. The middle slice is the application management system. The final component is the presentation layer(s), where all the user interaction occurs. This methodology accomplishes a few key things

  • The software can scale users almost infinitly without having to be reworked from the ground up.
  • Saves development dollars in the overall life of the application. Redesigning the UI doesn't require reworking the entire application.
  • All of your other business processes that rely on your data system continue to operate independently without risk of breaking.

Some of our App Designs Media and Entertainment, Games, Medical Enterprises, Mobile Commerce, Geo Tracking, and much, much more...

App screenshots

Mobile devices are an extension of our selves.

Rarely more than an arm's reach away, cell phones have become a mechanism for expressing personal identity. Mobile applications have the ability to create personal, meaningful impact.

Our awesome little team We have trimmed the fat to give you access to top level talent. We make software development a blast!

How much does work like this cost?

The below pricing guide provides a starting point for costing out application development based on our experience with apps of different scalesß. The best way to get an accurate cost quote is to get in touch with us.

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These are hybrid apps, narrow in scope, usually only performing one main function. These apps do not require any data connectivity to outside systems.

$ 10K Starting Budget £ ~7K Starting Budget ~9K Starting Budget

This is the budget range for a native app that connects to one main data system and runs via API. This is where apps start getting more serious.

$ 50K Starting Budget £ ~32K Starting Budget ~45K Starting Budget

Multiple systems connections, multiple platforms, advanced features like mobile commerce, gamification and more... This is where the big boys play.

$ 100K+ Starting Budget £ ~91K+ Starting Budget ~65K+ Starting Budget

Want to talk about a project idea?Feel free to contact us, and we will help you get started in the world of mobile applications and software development.