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The Basics

Client: Clixie

Goal: Improved UI/UX

Role: Creative/Design Agency

The Challenge

Clixie Media first approached us in March of 2013 to do some simple tweaks to their current website after parting ways with their previous digital agency. They were pleased with our immediacy in taking care of their issues and asked us to bid on a project to redesign the UX for their software application. They had been in development with their software offering for over a year, but until they started working with us, hadn't put much thought into the UX of their administrative portal. The biggest challenge was conveying the reasons for the new UX decisions to the client's developers who had been used to working with the system in the way they had initially developed it.

The Solution

After being selected for the project, we embarked on a complete user experience overhaul including wireframing, design, front end development, JavaScipt elements and media player integration. We held weekly UX meetings with Clixie's software developers to explain our thought process on design and provide direction on how to port the new design and front end code into the existing application. Subsequently, we have developed a partnership with Clixie to implement their software application in our interactive advertising campaigns.