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The Basics

Client: Ourtunez

Goal: Software Development

Role: Creative/Digital Agency

The Challenge

To design and develop and digital music streaming website with social media elements that could rival the likes of Spotify and iHeartRadio.

The Solution

Our most comprehensive project to date, Ourtunez approached us in October of 2011 with a big idea. They had filed a patent on a concept for a social media music sharing platform and came to us to execute. First came design and front end programming.

Once the site was mocked up, it was time to transition into development of site features like music streaming, messaging, news posting, music uploads, search, the mobile app and much, much more. During this phase, Ourtunez also enlisted JCM Media Group to spearhead their pre-launch marketing including social media, SEO, a commercial for YouTube, blog posting, and newsletter blasting.