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Create an honest human moment, and you will command their attention.

Interactive Advertising

it's not just about marketing, it's about the people

Look at the types of videos and photos that go viral on social media. For the most part, it isn't about fancy production, beautiful color schemes, or clever copy. Something strikes a nerve, creating that "twinge of empathy" response, that almost every viewer can relate to on some level, whether humorous, emotional or both. JCM's style of visceral advertising is about creating that same jolt of empathy in brand communications without being pretentious or preachy.

"First and foremost, people matter."

This approach affects every aspect of JCM's culture from client and team satisfaction to marketing message effectiveness, and even leads to periodic bowling tournaments on the Wii. We believe that if you start with a trust in your team, the rest seems to fall into place.

We are hyper-focused on our clients. Founded by a core group of individuals with important skill-sets from different aspects of the digital media industry, we focus on a project from many different angles to ensure it reaches its maximum potential.

Where creativity and data intersect

While JCM is, at our core, a digital agency, we design and develop our campaigns and applications with a unique emphasis on all of the important aspects from creative all the way through direct sales. This flowchart illustrates our process for the development and management of a high-level digital ad campaign.

During the "Idea Stage," we focus on a collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand with client-side creative teams, other marketing agencies, etc... We have found working this way promotes the highest levels of thinking and innovation. In any type of engagement, our goal is to strategically fit robust digital applications into the overall marketing mix to drive interaction, sales, and customer loyalty.

But we don't stop there. Once we release an application or campaign into the wild, we start tracking its efficiency and effectiveness, as well as collecting user feedback and automated data to start refining and tweaking the details to push the ROI of the application to the absolute top of its bell curve potential.

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The Psychology of Advertising

How empathy wins customers

Michigan Advertising Agency

"What kind of agency are you?"

There are above the line ad agencies, below the line agencies, and the newest type, those that have been coined "through the line" agencies. We don't think of ourselves as any of these. What we like to call ourselves is a "through the WALL" agency. Consumers today are inundated with advertising everywhere they turn. Remember that scene from the movie Minority Report where the projection ads spoke to the characters in the first-person?

In 2001, the idea that an ad would know that you were looking at it, know everything about you, and create a customized message on the fly seemed downright crazy. Well, 13 years later and we're already there. This constant barrage of brand communications has created an invisible wall around our heads, at the distance of an arm's reach, as both a literal and symbolic way of telling these ads to "Stop right there. I'm not letting you in." Our speciality is in creating meaningful messages and unique methods of delivering them in a way that once they reach that invisible perimeter, instead of being shut out, they are warmly welcomed inside, like an old friend.