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Learn a little bit more about how and why we implement the solutions that we have found garner the strongest results.

Methods for search engine optimization?

This is generally a three stage process with the first two stages being included in every website we build, and the third being optional depending on each client’s needs.

  1. Strategy – During the discovery phase, as well as through communication during the build stage, we investigate your current SEO status. This includes determining relevant keywords for your industry, company, and customer base, attempting to accurately determine the most important keywords new customers would search to find the types of products and services you provide. We have a variety of software tools that can check current positions for the rank of important key words and phrases, as well as testing the amount of backlinks for these phrases, and where your competitors stand for the same phrases. We check Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Having an idea of the importance each search engine places on different factors, being able to see which search engines are performing better for you will give us an indication of what needs to be improved, whether it is on-site optimization, content creation, social media, or back linking.
  2. On-Site Optimization – During the build phase, we optimize the content on the pages by adding relevant keywords into page titles, page descriptions, metatags, alt tags on images, header and strong tags in the content, as well as creating a wealth of content focused on your company and rich with key phrases while still remaining easy to read and relevant information for visitors.
  3. Off Site Optimization – This is the more “as needed” aspect to search engine optimization. If keywords are already ranking well, this might not be as relevant. If there are keywords that need a “boost,” one of the best ways is an organic off-site strategy which includes building natural links back to your site and/or a social media strategy of combing the internet for relevant “do-follow” blogs and forums that will allow for content creation with link additions. These tactics are used to increase a website’s authority in the search engine’s “eyes” (also known as spiders).
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