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OUR VIRTUAL REALITY PHILOSOPHY"Immersive experiences with a brand-focused story"

The cool factor inherent to new technology can often outshine the marketing message that a brand is attempting to convey. Every VR application we build starts with this awareness and a game plan for telling the brand story through an immersive experience, not the other way around.

We want to be your guide to exploring the possibilities that VR can open up for your brand. From concept development to custom computer designs and builds, all the way through application deployment at your tradeshow or event, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the insights and advice to maximize your brand's impact.

Oculus Rift. HTC Vive. Microsoft HoloLens. Google Cardboard. Samsung Gear. 3D Video Production. 3D Modeling & Rigging. Custom Branded Computer Builds. App Store, Google Play & Steam DeploymentLong story short, we have you covered.

Unity Game Engine

Unity is our preferred platform for gaming development. Its configurations for VR and 3D space allow us to save time on development, dramatically lowering the cost of VR game development for our clients.

Unreal Development Kit

The Unreal engine is your best bet for high end VR game development. Its core features create beautiful and realistic scenery and characters for an immersive gaming experience that players won't soon forget.

iOS and Xcode

We develop VR for iPhones with either native or hybrid methodology and then deploy the VR apps to Apple's App Store. VR iPhone Apps can be used with multiple phone-based VR viewers such as the Samsung Gear or a variety of Google Cardboard viewers.

Android Development

Because Android is a Google product, VR Apps built for Google Cardboard are a natural fit on Android devices. Phone-based VR apps are not as immersive or complex as the dedicated VR systems, but they are a fun and cost-effective starting point.

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Tell your brand's story in Virtual Reality

A virtual reality display for event marketing is a strong way to gather an audience, but once you've drawn the crowd's attention, it's important that the VR experience contains a strong marketing message. Our initial consultation call will help you determine the best way to integrate virtual reality into your marketing mix by investigating a few key questions:

  • How can your product or service be integrated into a virtual reality game or immersive experience?
  • What type of VR setup and deployment makes the most sense for your tradeshows and events?
  • How can you turn the attention you gather from your VR setup into customers and revenue?

be the talk of the town at your next tradeshow or event

Schedule a free consultation today to brainstorm VR concepts for event marketing. When you sign up for a consultation, we will send you a free Google Cardboard VR viewer and a couple demos to give you a taste of the immersive impact of virtual reality experiences.

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How much does VR development cost?

The below pricing guide provides a starting point for costing out VR application development based on our experience with apps and games of different scales. The best way to get an accurate cost quote is to get in touch with us.


At this budget level, we can create simple VR apps for Google Cardboard and/or Samsung Gear that includes simple graphics and/or 3D video.

$ 10K Starting Budget

This is the starting budget range for VR games and apps that run on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Microsoft HoloLens. This is where VR starts getting more serious.

$ 25K Starting Budget

With larger budgets we can deploy VR apps in multiple environments and devices to extend the experience beyond the tradeshow.

$ 50K+ Starting Budget

Apply for a Virtual Reality ConsultationIf your application is approved, we will send you a free Google Cardboard viewer with demo content to play with before your consultation.