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Learn a little bit more about how and why we implement the solutions that we have found garner the strongest results.

Which Website Statistics Software is better?

We generally integrate both Google Analytics and StatCounter. Internally, we prefer statcounter for our own purposes because its updates are much more real-time. We even go a step further by adding a live chat program that notifies our marketing team whenever a new visitor is on the site, giving them the ability to either proactively start a chat with the visitor or to hop over to statcounter and take a peek at the information on the visitor including location, IP, pages visited, keyword used to find the website, if they are a returning visitor, what browser they are using, how long they stay on the site, and sometimes even the company name itself.

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The livechat solution we use gives automatic realtime notifications, as well as saves history. Statcounter and Google Analytics save the stats for a certain period of time and also have the option of setting up email notifications. We have our statcounter account configured to send over weekly traffic and keyword reports.