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We are an Ann Arbor digital agency specializing in web design, application development, interactive campaigns, & new media advertising.

Let us handle the complicated technology stuff so you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers and growing your business.

{The Blog}

eCommerce or Bust - Featuring: Paragon Stairs

Digital marketing is taking over traditional channels by leaps and bounds, and late adopter CMOs and marketing departments should be nervous. In a Feb 2014 article in Forbes magazine, author Gary Drenik warned that for brick and mortar shops, 2014 would be the year of reckoning. Many brick and mortar sellers, even the behemoths, have let denial cloud their thinking, choosing to ignore, downplay, or even cover up the impact of ecommerce. But denial is not a solution to a growing problem - in ...

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Creating Intangible Value via Marketing

Marketing managers. Digital marketing agency folks. Website designers. Even software developers. You all need to take 15 minutes and watch this video. There is a difference between implicit product value and messaging. Rory hits the nail on its head. The value that JCM proposes is very similar. Every digital agency you investigate is going to propose the exact same thing, even though final deliverables may be vastly different... so what it comes down to is a gut feeling. We believe strongly that...

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Newest Featured Project - MedTest Catalog

I know we mostly focus on our digital work and development services, and that's because there are not many shops in town that specialize in BOTH design and custom software development. Most of the agencies around town that I have worked with either focus on design and outsource development or vice vera. We do both very well, and its because of the way we structure our teams. So you might be surprised to learn that we do print work. Generally, we don't do one-off print job requests, but as part ...

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David VS Goliath

In Ann Arbor, we play in the backyard of the mammoth Detroit agencies.

But we welcome the competition.

In fact, we like to think of our ideas as giant slayers.

Have a new digital marketing idea? We've got a team for that!
Not quite sure what the idea is yet? Get in touch, we've got plenty!

{Meet The Team}

Ann Arbor Style

Silicon Valley level technology chops

Madison Avenue level creative chops

With Midwest sensibilities of friendship & neighborhood

Dynamic Digital Marketing

You have a destination in mind. JCM Media Group has the vehicles to get you there. We are a Michigan-based digital marketing agency with an eye on the future. We don't just rely on research about what's been successful in the past. We strive to predict the future, methodically testing as we go along, to keep our clients' brands at the forefront of emerging and changing media and technology. Learn more

Web Design & Mobile Apps

Our digital marketing team is mixture of creative minds, savvy accounts people, web developers, iOS developers, video and audio production artists, social media experts and copywriters extraordinaire. JCM Media Group has the team you've been waiting for. Big enough to get it done, small enough to hold us accountable. Keep in mind, we are not the "kid in a basement who can make you a cheap website" type of agency. We are the quality leader in Michigan when it comes to digital design and development.

Fresh, Creative Talent

Being based in Ann Arbor, MI provides us with a plethora of young, hungry and creative talent. Whether you need a simple logo design, an overhaul of your website or a million dollar software project, we can handle it all, both large and small. We specialize in cross-platform engagement campaigns that tie in aspects of traditional and base web media with social applications, iPhone, iPad apps, Android apps, event marketing, and more. Get to know us. We're excited to serve you.